PapierWespe 2005

(English: Paperwasp)

PapierWespe is a center for hand paper making and paper art. Our intention is to combine modern artistic, scientific, traditional and handcrafted methods.

Workshops form a core part of our operation. We also concentrate on the development of artistic concepts commissioned to us by clients and artists, in addition to making our own creations. We provide a high quality programme and bring in specially qualified instructors from abroad.

Based in the center of Vienna next to the western railwaystation.

Equiped with a Hollander beater, hydraulic press, vacuumtable, pulpsprayer, drying box, moulds.

Accomodation: We can pick you up from the station as well as from the airport - Wien Schwechat. We are happy to book a room for you at a hotel nearby.

Free time: In your free time you can make use of the small paper library and browse through current periodicals. Furthermore the studio is ideally located, it is five minutes walking distance from Viennas main shopping street and most of Viennas important sights lie within walking distance or can be reached by underground.

Please bring proper clothing and waterproofed shoes. We are also looking forward to a documentation of your artwork.

Medium: Our workshops are held in German and English.

The fees includes all material.


Further Information and Booking:

Contact us by

Fax: +43-1-715 18 91;

Phone: +43-676-77 33 153;



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